Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Announcing BeautyTradeSecrets.com and "The World's Best Beauty Products," a Google Gadget

You may notice an influx of posts about specific beauty products on this blog recently, and that is because we are super excited about the launch of our new igGadget - the World's Best Beauty Products.  This gadget shows a different, carefully selected product for hair, nails, and skin; trending and classic makeup products, and more.  Each listing shares the name and an image of a product, price, a short description and usage details.  Our gadget presents a new product daily and can only be found in one place: BeautyTradeSecrets.com.

...On that note: Announcing BeautyTradeSecrets.com!

Everything for a web-savvy beauty lover lives right here.  Explore two gadgets, one noted above and the other, Daily Beauty Trade Secrets, a Google Editors Pick!  Download the BeautyTradeSecrets app for your iPhone or iPad, peruse a rotating group of recommended all-star products, and more!  It's a one-stop shop for beauty news, please hop over and pay us a visit!


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